March 8, 2008

Forest Hills in Snow

We had a lovely snowfall the afternoon and evening of February 22, so the next morning I brought my camera to the cemetery and tromped around for a couple of hours. The grounds crew had plowed the roadways, but the snow on the trees, bushes, markers, and monuments was undisturbed. The sky was overcast, so the light was flat and the scenes monochromatic, creating a classic cemetery mood. The next day was clear and brilliantly sunny, so I went back with my camera and (for the most part) retraced my steps from the previous day’s shooting. You can see the results of both days’ walks here. I am interested in reader reactions to these photographs. If you’d like to respond, feel free to use the “Comment” feature. I hope you enjoy the tours.

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Marcia Brooks said...

These are stunning! One of the many things I cherish about Forest Hills is that I can often feel as though I have a very special place to myself -- all while feeling the spirit of many (present and past) around me. These pictures perfectly capture that feeling. It's a treat to see what is so fondly familiar anew through your eyes. Thanks for sharing!