March 5, 2008

“Brothers of the Wood” goes off for a beauty treatment…..

One of our wonderful contemporary bronzes—and admittedly a personal favorite of mine—is heading back to the foundry for some much-needed repatination. Originally sculpted in wood by Seattle-based Leo Osborne in 1998, “Brothers of the Wood” is a representation of a wolf and a raven nestling together, based loosely on Native American lore. Forest Hill’s “Brothers,” the first bronze cast from the wood original, has been displayed outdoors since 1998. Now, however, with the loss of color to the wolf (reddish-brown) and the raven (black), Leo has generously offered to help us in our efforts to keep the sculpture looking its tip-top best. So off it goes to Oregon for a “spa treament.” Look for “Brothers' " bright and colorful return sometime later this spring…..when a wolf and a raven will once again nap peacefully under the trees.

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