February 13, 2008

Forest Hills in the News!

After every Trust event, someone will come up to me to tell me that this is their first visit to Forest Hills; they are always amazed that they didn't know about such an extraordinary place, and only discovered it because of a concert, walking tour, or poetry reading. Often these people are life-long Bostonians!

So, we are very grateful to to The New York Times
for featuring Forest Hills in their travel section recently. Five staff writers from around the nation described their vision of a perfect day in their home cities for a travel feature called "5 Big Cities, 1 Winter Day." Abby Goodnough started her ideal day in Boston with a walk through Forest Hills:

Boston is a city of ghosts, but on the coldest of days, don't expect them to come to you. Instead, visit Forest Hills Cemetery, a rambling Victorian-era burial ground about four miles from downtown and a splendidly quiet place to roam. Winding paths crisscross its 275 acres, and if you pick up a map by the entrance, you can find the graves of Anne Sexton, E. E. Cummings and Eugene O'Neill. Drive slowly along the narrow roads until you find a good place to park and wander. On a recent morning, snow crunched underfoot and fell in soft chunks from the treetops. Bliss.

We thank the Times and Abby Goodnough for helping people to discover one of Boston's hidden treasures!

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and Abby Goodnough's article on Boston

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