July 7, 2009

Summer Discoveries begins!

We, Erica and I, were very excited to receive yesterday the Boston Refuge Camp, with 30 children, who came to explore the Forest Hills. This was a wonderful group, who really enjoyed doing the Animal Spirits tour with us, which included a Scavenger Hunt, and stops at gravestones and sculptures related to the theme.

We began with the monument of the Warren Fisher Family, which is guarded by two Griffins. We talked about the role animals play in the cemetery, how sometimes they can be chosen to be guardians of the tombs, ornaments in the graves, or symbols that reflect the personality of the people that have found a permanent home in this beautiful place. Then we walked to the sculptures "A place to stay" by Michael Beatty and Mike Newby, and to "Lethe" by Frank Vasello. For a grand finale of our tour, we searched for live animals (and the evidence they leave behind) in Lake Hibiscus. We saw turtles, wild geese, and plenty of birds!

Our art project, Animal Amulets, was very successful, the children worked hard making drafts and drawings on aluminum foil of their favorite animals, and thinking about what their amulets would represent. For example, some of the boys chose lions and tigers because they represent strength and courage. By the end of the tour, all our participants were wearing proudly their amulets, with a big smile on their face.

We look forward receiving more groups this week and throughout the summer, and sharing with them the wonderful art and nature we have discovered here, at Forest Hills!

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