August 15, 2008

Writers Express at Forest Hills Summer Discovery!

Writers Express, a program that helps students develop their writing skills, came to Forest Hills for a morning of learning, beauty and creative inspiration. The morning began with some marimba playing and a tour, starting with the dramatic Milmore Memorial at the entrance gate of the cemetery. "What story is this sculpture telling? What emotions do you see on the figures' faces? What is the relationship between the two figures?" The tour continued with a discussion of art, symbolism, sacred spaces and nature. At the end while sitting in a shady and serene spot, students had a chance to express something, someone or someplace that was sacred to them through writing or drawing. They then folded and decorate this paper to create a Spirit Flyer, which they energetically flew off the bridge. At the end of the activity, their teachers led them in a writing exercise about their Forest Hills experience. Click here for pictures!

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