January 6, 2010

Her mission is to observe all that transpires

Adam Osgood, assistant to Jean-Louis Lachevre, cleans the bronze sculpture The Sentinel by local sculptor Fern Cunningham. Modelled in Brookline in 2000, it was cast in 2003 in Johnston, Rhode Island and is part of the acclaimed Contemporary Sculpture Path at Forest Hills Cemetery.
Set atop a large outcropping of Roxbury puddingstone, The Sentinel depicts “the wise old woman of Africa” and represents Cunningham’s interest in themes involving humanistic ideals, particularly those that deal with women and children. Fern Cunningham once said "I see myself as an educator through my sculpture and I am always trying to bring forth what is missing in American sculpture and to pay homage to the people who have not been acknowledged."

The casting of this sculpture was supported by a generous grant from the George B. Henderson Foundation, and continues the aspect of public art at Forest Hills Cemetery.

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