January 1, 2010

Lost on the RMS Titanic

Fletcher Fellows Lambert Williams (1868-1912) was the son, and youngest child, of George Foster Williams and Susan Lucy Fellows Williams and was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts. George F. Williams was the partner of Henry Hall in the prominent Boston firm of Hall & Williams, later known as Tucker & Williams, and a trustee of estates. Fletcher Lambert Williams married Mary E. Leeds Goddard, and they lived at Bickenhall Mansions on Gloucester Place in Marylebone, London.

Fletcher Lambert Williams was the managing director of the Mono Service Company of England, of which the American company was a branch. Williams and his business partner Elmer Zebley Taylor, and Taylor's wife Juliet Cummins Wright Taylor, had boarded the Titanic in Southampton, England travelling as First Class passengers. Williams and Taylor were business partners in the American Mono Service Company, founded in 1910 and manufacturers of paper cups. The company furnished drinking cups to hotels, business places and railroads throughout the Eastern United States. The company was a large concern, with ten factories worldwide. They were on a return business trip from London to America.

In 1944 Elmer Z. Taylor wrote an account of his life that included a retelling of his own experiences on board the Titanic. Recalling the following circumstances which enabled him and his friend Fletcher Lambert Williams to come into close proximity to Captain Smith on the night of April 14th, the night of the sinking:

"Williams was a democratic sort of chap, did not hesitate to move among the high, the less high or lowly, so he selected a table for coffee in the Reception Room next to a table at which Captain Smith was entertaining a party. We were close enough to hear Captain Smith tell his party the ship could be cut crosswise in three places and each piece would float. That remark confirmed my belief in the safety of the ship."

Williams' body was never recovered after the sinking of the Titanic. A memorial prominently stating that he was lost on the R.M.S. Titanic was erected on the Williams Family lot on Cherry Avenue at Forest Hills Cemetery.

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