February 8, 2008

Why a blog?

Forest Hills is a place of constant discovery. It is akin to an enormous museum containing marvelous art and evocative artifacts, and you can always find something new in its vast collection. But unlike a museum, it is outdoors, and thus full of life and constantly changing. Weather and the seasons transform the trees and landscape. Birds make a home and raise their young, or migrate through. Time changes the appearance of marble carvings, wearing away inscriptions in a process that mirrors the erosion of memory as generations come and go.

This blog offers a forum for the people who explore, study, and care for Forest Hills to share their stories and photos. Al Maze, Elise Ciregna, Cecily Miller, Jon Clark and Kevin Lynch have all agreed to start writing about their observations and discoveries. If you are someone who visits often and want to join us as a regular contributor, please let us know.

Who are Al, Elise, Jon and Kevin?
Al has been leading tours at Forest Hills for more than 10 years, discovering countless stories of the people buried here (such as the inventor of the fountain pen, shoe vamp machine, 8-hour workday, and birth control pill to name a few). Elise is a scholar with a passion for Victorian material culture – the stuff produced by people of the 19th century and its meaning – and cemetery stone carvings. Cecily has been the Trust's director since 2001 and Jon is the Trust's newest staffer. Kevin is the arborist for Forest Hills; in addition to caring for its mighty trees, Kevin is usually the first to spot a nest of baby owls or a hive of wild bees.

We hope you enjoy this, and invite you to participate.

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